10 Common relationship problems

July 27, 2016
healthy relationship

  A perfect relationship doesn’t mean it doesn’t have problems. It just means the couple understand and work hard on their relationship problems for a healthy relationship. It is always important to have a strong hold on your relationship. Remember once you loose your hold, it would be difficult to get it back. Your relationships will have unique problems based on the bonding with your partner. Understanding how to overcome these relationship  issues will keep the love and romance fresh in…

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Europe United Kingdom

Top 10 places to visit in UK

July 14, 2016
best places to visit in UK

Famous for it attractive countryside, theaters, museum and renowned cities United Kingdom has been one of the most liked tourist spot for all. United Kindgom is composed of  England , Wales, North Ireland and Scotland .Let us know the list of best places to visit in UK. Currency in UK – Pound sterling Language spoken  – English Best time to visit UK – June to mid September Transportation in UK –Road, air, rail and water Airports in UK – Airport…

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Barcelona attractions|Places to visit in Barcelona

June 3, 2016
La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in the world.It is a perfect destination with favorable weather, easily accessible tourist attraction, beautiful beaches, thrilling nightlife and mouth-watering local cuisine. Barcelona attractions offers something to everyone. Currency : Euro Modes of transport : Taxi ,bus and metro. Language : Catalan and Spanish Best time to visit : March-june and sept-nov Nearest airport:  El Prat international airport Mode of transports from the airport to the citi centre: The airport is…

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Best places to visit in China – China tourist attractions

April 3, 2016
Places to visit in china

China is the one of the most attractive country in East Asia. Most of the first time visitors to China focus only on major cities. But frequent visitors who are experienced with the ancient civilization and cultural aspects of China would want to visit other places as well. Language is definitely a problem , but not anything unmanageable. Travelling in China is easy as well as exhausting due to its vast size. Let us understand some basic details about China.…

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Amsterdam attractions – Places to visit in Amsterdam

October 18, 2015
Amsterdam attractions

Amsterdam also known as the Venice of the north is a very popular tourist destination in Europe. Amsterdam is known for its large number of canals and beautiful sight seeing experiences. The city offers satisfying experiences for all age groups. Be it the coffee shops or red light district or flower markets or museums , everything has a distinct charm and uniqueness in Amsterdam. Let us have a look at the main places to visit in Amsterdam. Best time to…

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Wonders of the world

Most expensive cities in the world

October 6, 2015

  Every trip is different. And if you are travelling to an expensive city , it’s quite a different experience. The small cities are much more expensive than the bigger one, if you have noticed. To know more about the most expensive cities , read on. Most expensive cities in the world 10. Singapore Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations. Singapore is a shopping center for cheap electronics, perfumes , dresses, accessories, but a very expensive holiday destination.…

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Map of Spain

September 20, 2015

Spain is a very popular tourist destination famous for its delicious cuisine and beaches. Each region in Spain portrays its own culture and traditions.  Madrid is famous for the Royal palace and Prado museum. Barcelona’s most famous tourist attraction is Sagrada Família basilica, Antoni Gaudí’s famous piece of architecture. Here is the map of Spain for your reference. This Spain map has all the important tourist destinations marked in it.   Map of Spain     To know more about Spain and its…

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Austria map

August 26, 2015
map of Austria

  Austria is a very famous and most visited tourist destination in Europe. It is the neighboring  country of Switzerland. Tourists get to view the scenic beauty of  Alps while visiting Austria. Using our map of Austria, explore Austria in a more user friendly manner. Austria map can be helpful to the people who are planning to visit this country as this map has all the major tourist attractions marked in it. Austria map Map of Austria for your reference.…

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Places to visit in Austria

August 12, 2015
places to visit in Austria

Austria is a very famous tourist spot in Europe. Since it is located adjacent to Switzerland it is called Europe’s winter sports capital. It has got its unique traditions and activities. It is popular among tourists who enjoy historic cities and also among who comes to get a scenic view of the Alps. Let us know more about the city and the important places to visit in Austria. Best time to visit Austria – April to October Currency in Austria…

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Best Places to visit in Spain

August 9, 2015

Spain is famous for its delicious food, lively night life and beautiful beaches, hence  making Spain one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. In Spain once can get an experience of the most diverse cultures and traditions. Let us understand the places to visit in Spain. Best time to visit Spain – April to June , September – October Currency – Euro Languages Spoken – Spanish   Places to visit in Spain *Santiago de Compostela Also known as Camino…

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Malaysia map

August 4, 2015

Malaysia is very popular among tourists. It has numerous beautiful tourist attractions, most of it is free of cost and it is really worth visiting this beautiful country. Malaysia is not only famous for  its tourist spots, but it also famous for water sports, shopping, adventures, theme parks and so on. Most popular attractions of Malaysia includes Petronas tower and Langkawi island. Since Malaysia is a most popular attraction, providing Malaysia map will be helpful to those planning the trip. Since…

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Travel tips

Travel  holiday checklist

August 3, 2015

Lot of careful planning is required during any trip. I have put down below the list of important holiday checklist for your trip. I will also share the list of major travel destinations for your reference. Travel  holiday checklist Check for alerts or warnings – Have a check if there is any travel alert or warning about the particular destination or country you are planning visit. The state government of generally issues warnings/ ban/ alert to travelling to a particular…

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